Hyperthermia & Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy delivers more benefits with hyperthermia. Our ultrasound hyperthermia in combination with some chemotherapies improves cancer cell response.

In addition, hyperthermia often has no or minimum side effects and no known detrimental effects on healthy cells. Whatever type of chemotherapy is determined to be appropriate for you, our team is here to assist you in your healing journey, and to help you decide if adding hyperthermia might be beneficial to you.

Hyperthermia Improves the Delivery of Chemotherapy to Tumors

Cancerous tumors generally have very poor blood vessel structure often leading to collapsed blood vessels. This means that tumors often do not receive the same amount of blood flow as healthy tissues, particularly at the center of the tumor. The application of heat to tumors using hyperthermia, targets and dilates tumor blood vessels, particularly those deep inside the tumor. This increased blood flow allows for a greater concentration of chemotherapy drugs to flow throughout the tumor and kill cancer cells.

Heat Directly Kills and Stresses Cancer Cells

Evidence demonstrates that heat from hyperthermia treatment does directly kill some cancer cells. In addition, the combination of chemotherapy with hyperthermia significantly strengthens effects of the anti-cancer drugs by placing the targeted cells under heat stress as well as delivering more chemotherapy, ultimately causing the destruction of more cancer cells.

Hyperthermia Helps Inhibit Cancer Cell DNA Repair

Some chemotherapy treatments work by damaging the cancer cell’s DNA. This damage from the multiple chemotherapy treatments accumulates in the cells. It may take days, weeks, or months, before the chemotherapy has damaged the cancer cells enough to destroy them directly or targets the cancer cells for destruction by a mechanism called apoptosis or “programmed cell death”. During this time, the body starts to activate natural mechanisms to repair the cancer cell DNA. The application of heat using hyperthermia helps prevent repair to the tumor cell DNA, making it more likely the body will destroy the cancer cell.

Many studies…have shown a significant reduction in tumor size when hyperthermia is combined with other treatments.

Source: National Cancer Institute

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