Why Hyperthermia Cancer Institute

We Specialize in Hyperthermia

Our specialized treatment approach, expertise, and exceptional Patient Care Team’s sole focus is delivering hyperthermia in a relaxed and caring environment. This singular focus combined with our personal and highly specialized care distinguishes us from the larger cancer care institutions.

We provide hyperthermia to our patients six days a week, every week. Our dedicated application of this highly effective, and gentle cancer treatment as well as our individualized treatment plans make our center and our team a powerful tool to optimize your outcome.

Unmatched Level of Patient Care

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, California, Hyperthermia Cancer Institute uses FDA-approved ultrasound technology to deliver hyperthermia with unmatched care. Our Patient Care Team has expertise with navigating hyperthermia health insurance coverage and payment. We will advocate on your behalf and lift that burden from you. Assisting patients with administrative, travel and lodging challenges is an integral part of our service. Our dedicated physician and nursing team share a passion and mission to help you heal, with special care for your physical and emotional needs.

We Hear and See You

Dr. Pinzone and his licensed nursing staff are laser focused on our patients. This sincere interest in patients, their families and supporting caregivers is organically formed during our hyperthermia treatment process. Trust is developed, bonds are created, and the well-being of our patients is enhanced. We see you and we hear you. We are interested in you. We are here to help.

Our patient community stories are unscripted and unsolicited, reflecting the deep sense of conviction they have in our therapy and our team, to help other patients who need our care.

An important result is that we, and our
patients, end up feeling like family

We Invite You to Join Us

We hope to be a part of the solution to your cancer diagnosis, and the opportunity to get to know you.
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