What To Expect

Our experienced team takes great pride in delivering the highest quality ultrasound hyperthermia treatments in the world in a beautiful, safe, stress-free environment.

Our core mission is to use our expertise, shared spirit of purpose and deep compassion to work with you and your physician in deciding if hyperthermia will be effective in your cancer treatment.

We encourage you to call us as early as possible after you learn about your diagnosis.

Watch our introductory video to get a glimpse of how this effective and gentle therapy is administered

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Your focus is healing. Our focus is
helping you heal.

When you contact us by phone, you will first speak to Matt Reed, our Director of Practice and Patient Services, who will introduce to you to how hyperthermia therapy works, our practice, and find out what we can do to support you.

Easy First Steps


After speaking with Matt, if you are interested in considering hyperthermia being a part of your treatment plan, Matt will assist you with preparing for a consultation with our physician Joseph J. Pinzone, MD.


Matt will provide you with the registration materials contained in our New Patient Packet, including your written permission authorizing Matt and the team to gather your medical records. Dr. Pinzone and our Patient Care Team will review your medical history prior to your consultation.


Matt will verify and assess your insurance coverage for hyperthermia therapy and work closely with Dr. Pinzone and the patient care team to arrange for your consultation with Dr. Pinzone.


If you are traveling from out of town, our team will offer to assist with travel and accommodations. And, if you need appointments with other healthcare providers in the area, Matt will facilitate those appointments for you.

Consultation with Dr. Pinzone

Once you arrive at the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute, Dr. Pinzone will review your complete history and perform a physical examination. He will determine if hyperthermia would benefit you and consult with you regarding the specifics of your individual treatment plan.

It's All About You

We work with you to evaluate if hyperthermia is feasible and whether it should be part of your treatment plan.

Once we establish you are a candidate for hyperthermia, we deliver a clear treatment plan. Depending on your clinical circumstances, this treatment plan may change over time. Any modifications during the treatment course will be discussed with you, Dr. Pinzone, and our medical staff.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest levels of care in our calming environment to support your healing and optimize your cancer treatment outcomes. We appreciate your interest and hope to see you soon.

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