Patient Testimonials

Our patients travel from all over the country to take advantage of hyperthermia cancer therapy at the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute.  When they arrive, they first notice that they feel at home at our center. During and after hyperthermia therapy, our patients repeatedly tell us how much they appreciate the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute difference.

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“You don’t feel like a patient here, you feel like a person, which, in an experience like this, and with a diagnosis like this it’s very easy to lose who you are so I very much appreciated that.”

Katie, 40 years old

Breast Cancer Survivor

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“The primary thing that we know made the biggest difference was the combination of chemotherapy and hyperthermia.”

Bryan, 42 years old

Diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Carly, 31 years old

Stage IV Melanoma​

“I have had a great experience at HCI! I had Stage 4 melanoma with lumps under my skin and on some organs. The oncology medication I am on has been working and combined with the hyperthermia I believe it gave that extra boost I needed. It is the perfect conjunctive therapy. I had a lump under one of my breasts and just after 3 sessions the lump was noticeably flatter. After 10 sessions, I could not even feel it anymore. Not only are the treatments amazing but the staff is also amazing! Everyone is so kind and helpful. There were many days I had to bring my 3-year-old with me, and the nurses were so great with her and helped me and her out when she was getting antsy with waiting. Overall, it was a great experience. I am so happy I did it and I am excited to see the results of my next scan!”

Cancer patient, 55 years old


“As I wind down my last week of Hyperthermia treatments, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Dr. Pinzone and his extraordinary staff. Their kindness and care has been exceptional from the moment I arrived almost two months ago. I always felt that their nurturing came straight from the heart. My nurses were angels. They are not only professional and high performing, but also tuned into and sensitive to those raw personal moments of vulnerability. They were my family away from home. This is a beautiful team of people working together as they help aid and heal their patients with these gentle and cutting-edge treatments. I am forever grateful.”

Ana, 54 years old


“My name is Ana, and I am a surviving ovarian cancer patient. I used hyperthermia treatment during chemotherapy, and I am now in remission. I believe the hyperthermia helped the effectiveness of my treatment and I will always be grateful to the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute for the service and treatment I received, very professional and friendly.”

Samantha, 58 years old


“I am very happy to recommend Hyperthermia as it helped me receive the best news with my breast imaging & tests being completely normal/benign. Thank you to each of the wonderful staff that supported me on my healing journey to beat breast cancer! This technology is amazing & gentle while it turbo charges your other cancer treatments.”

Ron, 62 years old


“My experience with HCI was super! The staff was very professional, always taking care to setup the machines properly to deliver the best possible results. I believe that the hyperthermia treatments I received were a very helpful adjunctive therapy to the regionalized radiation therapy I received concurrently. I highly recommend HCI as a 1st choice provider of hyperthermia treatment!”

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