Hyperthermia is used in combination with radiation therapy to increase the effectiveness of the radiation and enhance the body’s immune system. Hyperthermia treatment actually makes cancer cells more sensitive to radiation. The heat generated by hyperthermia can directly kill cancer cells and also helps to prevent the cancer cells from repairing the cancer-damaging effects of radiation.

Hyperthermia is an FDA approved cancer therapy that can be used in combination with radiation or chemotherapy to treat tumors. Hyperthermia works by gently increasing the temperature of the tumor, using ultrasound technology to reach tumors even far inside the body. The treatment sessions typically last about 45 minutes. The number of sessions depends on each patient and their radiation or chemotherapy treatment schedule.

This treatment combination works because the heat from the hyperthermia treatment increases blood flow to the tumor and disrupts the cell membranes to make the tumor more vulnerable to the body’s natural defenses and the radiation or chemotherapy therapies.

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