At Hyperthermia Cancer Institute, we specialize in using hyperthermia in combination with radiation or chemotherapy therapies to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Hyperthermia works by improving your body’s own ability to fight cancer by triggering your body’s natural defenses. It was observed that cancer patients with very high fevers, in some cases, resulted in the disappearance of the tumor cells. Now, we are starting to understand why that happens: fever and an inflammatory reaction against the cancer cells are fundamental ways the body fights cancer.

Hyperthermia assists the body in spotting cancer cells that have harmful attributes (like mutate proteins or inflammatory chemicals) to trigger the body’s immune system to attack the cancer cells.

Often cancer cells go undetected by the body’s immune system because the surface antigens are hidden, and without those visible surface antigens, the body’s immune system can not detect and destroy cancer cells. However, when the heat from the hyperthermia treatment is used, it makes those hidden surface antigens visible so the immune system can find and destroy those harmful cancer cells.

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