Hyperthermia Cancer Institute

Diagnosis & Early Treatment

When is the time to consider hyperthermia for your cancer?

We recommend you contact us now to begin working with you to determine if, and when, hyperthermia should be part of your treatment plan.  We would like to hear from you as early as possible after your cancer diagnosis to begin supporting you and to help you consider all your treatment options.

Hyperthermia works best when combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible because after a course of chemotherapy or radiation therapy is finished, you have lost the opportunity to improve the outcome by adding hyperthermia to that treatment course.

Several factors determine the optimal time to apply hyperthermia. Each patient’s type of cancer, its stage, and individual clinical circumstances dictate the optimal timing for hyperthermia treatment. That is why we want to hear from you as early as possible after a cancer diagnosis. After your initial contact with our team, we will strategize with you and your doctor about if, and when, to add hyperthermia to your cancer treatment.

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