How to Care for Your Skin During and After Radiation Therapy

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Radiation therapy plays a crucial role in many patients’ treatment plan, and just like over the counter or prescribed medication, it can have side-effects. Radiation treatments are typically performed by focusing a beam of radiation on the outside of the body. For patients with a tumor inside their body, the radiation beam passes through the […]

Male and Female Breast Cancer: What’s the Difference?

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In the United States, over 250,000 women each year will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer. Though these numbers are high, early detection, medical and treatment advances have helped keep these alarming numbers low thankfully. However, when someone is diagnosed, it can be a scary time, and many still question why women are more likely […]

How Hyperthermia Activates the Immune System

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At Hyperthermia Cancer Institute, we specialize in using hyperthermia in combination with radiation or chemotherapy therapies to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Hyperthermia works by improving your body’s own ability to fight cancer by triggering your body’s natural defenses. It was observed that cancer patients with very high fevers, in some cases, resulted in the […]

Radiation Combined With Hyperthermia Treatment

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Hyperthermia is used in combination with radiation therapy to increase the effectiveness of the radiation and enhance the body’s immune system. Hyperthermia treatment actually makes cancer cells more sensitive to radiation. The heat generated by hyperthermia can directly kill cancer cells and also helps to prevent the cancer cells from repairing the cancer-damaging effects of […]

Treatable Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Sites Los Angeles

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Based on 30 years of clinical studies, Hyperthermia has been proven to improve the response rate for some cancers, by 44% or more, than the average radiation therapy without any additional side effects. This treatment is used in combination with either radiation or chemotherapy on tumors. Hyperthermia works by increasing the temperature of the tumor […]

Understanding Hyperthermia

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The time and research that go into understanding cancer and developing more effective cancer treatments are endless. Hyperthermia is a prime example of what that effort and research can produce. Hyperthermia is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that uses precisely directed heat to damage and destroy cancer cells. Once the tumor is targeted, its temperature […]

The Hyperthermia Cancer Institute

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Hyperthermia treatment has proven benefits for those with cancerous tumors, typically with few to no adverse effects. At the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute (HCI) we specialize in administering hyperthermia treatments using the Sonotherm 1000 machine. This machine utilizes the power of ultrasound energy to heat humors to approximately 109 degrees F for 45 minutes as far […]

How Hyperthermia Treatment Works

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Hyperthermia has been clinically proven to improve response rates for certain cancers by as much as 44% or more than just radiation treatment. Hyperthermia treatment improves the response rate without adding any additional side effects. It’s a proven scientific fact, based on over 30 years of clinical studies that hyperthermia is a very effective treatment […]

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